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Workshops customized to fit your needs. From four hours onsite to two and a half days offsite.  Primal Leadership Business Coaching will get you the results you need in team building, visioning and conflict resolutions.


Jerry Haack CPCC is an executive life coach and leadership trainer. He will wake you up to a whole new way of “being” so you can move more powerfully toward what you want.

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“We need to cut the crap!” “I swear the phoniness will drive me out of this company.” “Hierarchy, they want me to trust hierarchy?” And my favorite…“We have a lot of Minnesota nice going on here.” I love how Patrick Lencioni describes these kinds of cultures as... read more

Finding what lives inside our hearts

Lately, my schedule has me facilitating many workshops. The subject matter varies but team building, leadership skills, conflict resolution, vision setting, and the deep dive into Emotional Intelligence usually surface.

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Atlanta Plant Safety Leaders

We were nestled in the hills, outside of Atlanta, on a beautiful Spring week in Georgia.  The lodge was perfect for a team building offsite experience. A setting for a group of men that carry a very heavy burden of responsibility day in and day out, making sure people... read more

Primal Leadership Business Coaching is a TEAM of certified Executive Leadership Coaches whose mission is to
“Wake Up” the Leader within You.