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Our mind is capable of some incredible things.  Unfortunately our ego limits us to what we know. It takes courage to step outside of that familiar “knowing”, and move into space that might challenge our belief systems. Perhaps even the belief system that that our parents gave us, or we were raised with.

When I am coaching a person, team, or business, I keep in mind the unseen beliefs. I suggest the same for you.  When you are managing another person, or working right alongside of them, if you want peace and harmony in the workplace you might want to consider the fact that your beliefs might not match up with theirs and assuming they are, is a recipe for disaster. Jerry haack Listen

May you find new awareness’s while you “open up” to new possibilities, it’s a really grand world we live in…if you “choose” to think so.

Do you want to know the top 10 ways to influence others, get what you want, know why you were born, persuade others with your views, change your life, articulate your mission, see the future, create a legacy, make more friends, move about this planet more powerfully, know yourself more deeply, and basically experience just about everything you want in life?

Then you have come to the right place!  Here it is… » Read more

Business Success Training the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How’s of a Relationship

First steps to success in coaching business starts with the client consultant/coach agreement. Clearly identifying what the relationship is intended to be like is the most important “first step” in kindling a wonderful relationship.  As a business/executive coach and/or life coach, it is imperative that the beginning “contract” be firmly established.  It is what we call “Designing the Alliance”.

DO NOT short cut this step!  As a matter of fact you may want to circle back around to it after 6 months or a year and discuss what it might look like moving forward.Jerry Haack Who What Where

  • Committing to the relationship
  • Keeping confidentiality
  • Having openness to new ideas and perspectives
  • Time respect and make up
  • How long each call will be
  • What access  you will have to each other
  • When you can cancel the agreement
  • How soon you will call back
  • How much the pay is
  • When you will paywhat the expectations are…

ALL very important in setting up the relationship.  Following this recipe has helped me have a long list of satisfied clients.

I Also make a claim going in… » Read more

Business Personal Coach Finding Trust

Team members not trusting one another? I believe it is more of the norm than NOT. How vulnerable will you be with a team member when you have heard them dis another team member behind their back? Happens all of the time!!!

It’s really so obvious… “I can’t stand the way Tom acts when he is in a meeting, he’s so arrogant!”

Or how about…“Gary bashes you when you aren’t around.” Jerry Haack Patrick Lencioni

You going to trust one single word coming out of this persons mouth moving forward?!? Some people think they are being clever.  In reality they are being foolish. Talking about someone to another is the same as broadcasting it over a loudspeaker… “Hey, don’t tell me anything because I like to talk about everyone and everything and you can bet your LIFE that I won’t make YOU the exception to the rule!!!” » Read more

Professional Business Coaching Beyond Black Friday

Lord! Black Friday is looming. It is right around the corner. Are you ready? Can you compete? When I am coaching for Businesses I am often up against the sheer ominousness of the little independent versus the goliath. Are you one of those? If so, I invite you to take a deep breath and relax.  You have your niche.  Remember?  It’s YOU!!! You and your vision is the difference. You and your confidence is what people are willing to step away from the giant chain store to get. Evoke confidence always be authentic and transfer your brilliance.Jerry Haack Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday-Deals

Everyone is thinking of hitting the malls on Black Friday, but few people are aware of Small Business Saturday.  One of the challenges that owners of small businesses often face, is their inability to see outside of the box they build for themselves.  And they tend to be wary of spending extra money on things like marketing, because they know they can’t outspend the huge chains. It’s true you cannot outspend the box stores but you can out service and out think them! » Read more

Business Personal Coach Inspiring Creativity

To Parents,   (A letter sent to parents in 1974 container of Legos)

The urge to create is equally strong in all children.  Boys and girls.  It’s imagination that counts.  Not skill.  You build whatever comes into your head, Jerry Haack legothe way you want it.  A bed or a truck.  A doll’s house or a spaceship.  A lot of boys like dolls houses.  They’re more human than spaceships.  A lot of girls prefer spaceships.  They’re more exciting than dolls houses.  The most important thing is to put the right material in their hands and let them create whatever appeals to them.
                                       -A letter sent to parents in 1974 container of Legos.

Ahhh, looks like Legos nailed it…40 years ago! When coaching for businesses I find the constraint on creativity exasperating! Seriously!!!  You hire guys like me to change your business.  You claim you want change, growth, creative freedom, and this one always cracks me up…your employees to have a voice.   And yet you put them in a BOX!?!  » Read more

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