Atlanta Plant Safety Leaders

We were nestled in the hills, outside of Atlanta, on a beautiful Spring week in Georgia.
The lodge was perfect for a team building offsite experience. A setting for a group of men that carry a very heavy burden of responsibility day in and day out…Making sure people are safe.

Gerry & Marks Team

Gerry & Marks Team

These men are All In when it comes to safety. Big plants, lots of moving parts, and people…
Paying attention to details is a must.

Our job was to bring them together even tighter than they were. …And show them new ways to Lead.  One of the big pieces was the importance of emotional intelligence and the art of creating vulnerability based trust. With these new awareness’s in their tool box they can now cascade those leadership skills to the plant managers.

How to BE in the moment is a great leadership quality.  Not missing an opportunity to BE with the men that run those plants is very imperative. The men on the front line are under constant pressure to stay awake to everything that is happening.

….They are in for a treat!

Team building, introspection, and putting an explanation point on owning the Leader within was what we did that week.  I was in awe of the brilliance. And honored to serve this team.

A heartfelt thank you for trusting us.

Coaching Culture-Lakota Native Americans

buffalo close up and personal

Buffalo Skull

For the past six years Dallas and Becky Chief Eagle have been providing a safe, nurturing, healing environment for people on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Men’s and women’s training followed by food and celebration at their home. Becky told me they have fed as many as 300 people at one event.

They call it the ALL NATIONS TRAINING CENTER.The training’s have grown, and so have the participants. They need more room and now their goal is to build.

Dallas and Becky have articulated their vision, values, strategies, and goals…all clearly defined. All they needed were a half dozen of their top priorities identified to get the project rolling. So they invited my partner Bob Christensen and me to lead the process.

We were there for a weekend of celebration, history, traditions and lots of love.

blanket ceremony

Blanket Ceremony

I was totally shocked at the end of the night when they honored Bob and me with a blanket. My heart was in altered space. Completely full of love for my new brothers and sisters of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Story of All Nations Training Center

Story of All Nations Training Center







”I have had the pleasure of working with many different beliefs, cultures and diversity.  My partner Bob has traveled the world and experienced even more!

When we left there on Sunday morning we both agreed that our experience was transformative…we were different people because of our time with them. » Read more

Leadership From Within

Bob Christensen and I recently co-facilitated a Leadership Academy for one of our favorite clients last week in Kansas City.  I love this client because they (the Leaders of the organization) want all of their future Leaders to get all of the help they can to BE the very best they can.

It is this cultural belief that makes me want to work for them.  To give everything I have when I am there.  My values intersect with their values, and that creates synergy.  It is authentic and true.  And consequently creates an impact of transformation on the candidates.

My mission is to wake people up to the brilliance that shines inside of them.  My values keep me on that path.  Passion, Impact, and Enlightenment are my three core values.  Sometimes I get stuck.  And I find myself wondering if I should take on additional work,or I find myself in the middle of a serious conflict, struggling with loved ones, or just feeling the pain of watching my beloved mother age…I use my core values to move me forward.

The 15 Leaders I just had the honor of being with for 2 and a half days stepped through their own fears and into a new way of being.  We showed them how Emotional Intelligence (feelings) can be imperative when leading your Self, and others.  From that position we were able to get them to come from Abundance and not Scarcity…to Read the Room and see what is present.  In that space is true intimacy.

By knowing your Self on a deeper level they quickly saw how it would assist them in moving more powerfully towards what it is they wanted or wanted to create.

Group LA KC (1)

Leadership Academy -Primal Leadership

This group of Leaders pushed themselves to new levels of personal awareness.  From deeper listening to deeper understanding of their own drama that prevents them from their Purpose.  And it was when they were in their Purpose that they could see the importance of not avoiding the conflict, but to actually lean into it, and get wildly curious.  They took themselves out of the proverbial Box and into their own missions.


Leadership in Kansas City


On the last morn each of the candidates stood in front of their peers and read their 80th birthday tributes.  With permission, this is one of them…

Wesley & Teddy:  Ode to Dad

KC Leadership Academy

KC Leadership Academy

Two crazy boys did you raise,Over many dark nights and long days,

But you always gave us kisses and hugs, And taught us how not to be thugs.

You coached us in hockey and soccer,

And you cooked breakfast like Betty Crocker. You taught us how to create and build, And over the years we’ve become quite skilled.
» Read more

Business Attitude, Take the Plunge!

Sinek Passion

Business Attitudes! Simon Sinek Quote

Simon Sinek is worth following if you like Ted Talks and great books about vision. I love this  quote of his about Passion.

Stress is all about dealing with “what we don’t want” to deal with. Are you stressed at work? Perhaps it’s time to look at that.


Even when I am over booked, lack sleep, and I am just plain ole worn out from my profession! I am still AWAKE to the fact that I love what I do. As a matter of fact I am wildly passionate for what I do. Your business attitude should reflect the same passion!


Polar Plunge Crystal Lake, Minnesota

Down the street from where I live the crazy’s came out in the thousands last weekend.
To jump in ice cold Crystal Lake!

Hundreds and hundreds of wildly dressed Minnesotans jumped in the water to fulfill their pledge for raising money to their favorite charity.The rest of us cheered them on as the steady line went on for hours.

Their PASSION for what they believed in got them to jump in this water, ICE COLD WATER in February.Conviction has a lot to do with that!
I love that! See more pictures from Minnesota Polar Plunge!   

                                                                                           -Simon Sinek

Is your organization wired with this energy? Call me if you want to talk about your options of creating one.

Coaching Workshops

Today was one of those wonderful days when I had the privilege of witnessing this high performing team SHINE! 


Coaching Workshops

Thank you Scot Harold, Frank Ziacik, Jason Greene, Kolby Malesich and Jenny Studer for “showing up” and bringing ALL of you. What an honor!

You all know how  to “read a room”, determine which is present… Abundance or Scarcity, Clear your emotions from others, and lean consciously into the Leader with-in! What an awesome place to BE.

I loved witnessing the discovery and articulation of your 3 core values. And look forward to hearing how you forged them into a personal Purpose/Mission.

Together you will accomplish everything you set your mind to. I just know it!

Thanks again for letting me be a small part of the magic thru our Coaching Workshops.


Jerry Haack

Primal Leadership Academy

Recently I had the pleasure of leading these men through my Primal
Leadership Academy. My good friend and colleague Bob Christensen co-lead the event. This photo captures these men in all their power and strength.

Primal Leadership Academy

Primal Leadership Academy

It was a magical event I will never forget.  I am grateful for the honor of
witnessing the courage that was present. And would be happy to let them tell you about their experience personally, just let me know if you want a testimonial.

13 men from 7 different lines of work, all there with 1 common interest to
own their Leader-within. We started at 1p on Tuesday and ended at noon on Thursday. 2 full days spread over 3.

Our first afternoon together built the container of trust. The second day was spent on discovering and experiencing the blocks that keep us from what we want as Leaders. And the third morning was a commitment to what each man wanted to create
moving forward, the impact he was going to make in his world. This event was experiential and powerful…No classroom setting here and not for the half-hearted.

Over the past decade I have done a variety of these types of workshops for
individual companies wanting to build cross functioning teams or sales
cultures. This was different for me introducing my beliefs to multiple industries. In many ways it was even more powerful!

Getting someone to follow you involves intimacy. Do you want people to follow you more passionately?

Being able to “read a room” and feel what is present is what all great leaders master. Do you know how to navigate between what you are feeling and what the
group is feeling?

Knowing what drives you, what you fear, and what you want is at the core of
all fulfilled Leaders. Are your core values clearly defined, and is your purpose and legacy
being written how you want it remembered in your actions today?

If this is something you would like to experience yourself please find out more regarding Primal Leadership Academy. Call 1.952.322.7937 or and we can chat about
what is possible.

Carpe Diem!

With respect,

Jerry Haack

Today is a Great Day for Self Assessment

Consistency, Greed, and Fear are all you have to pay attention to…Man I love this.

You want Consistency in your business this year?  Write a Friggin Plan!!!  That’s it people, write down what you want. The Balance you seek can be as easy as keeping your eyes open to Greed.Stop it!!!

And Fear…oh how I hear about the anxiety, and how everyone’s story is different.  Well folks it is about focusing on what you want to have happen and NOT on what  you do not want to have happen.  Keep your eye on the prize and learn that self assessment starts with writing down your goals! Ag Web tells us more on beginning 2016 with self assessment

Intro to Self Improvement…

You want to culture change in your company? 

Coast to Coast Company puts their money where their mouth is by providing “Self-Improvement” practices as a part of their company culture. 2 Billion dollars a year are spent on “Developing Personnel”.  Are you developing? Read more on self improvement and Coast to Coasts success from Industry Leaders Magazine 

Sales Training Your Customers Experience

I was in my favorite grocery store yesterday.They do an exceptional job of making me feel special with their friendly smiles and quaintness. I feel good in there.  Comforted.  It’s not too big, kind of cozy. It’s true, they are a bit upscale but not over the top expensive, even if they do have carpet in their aisles! grocery-store

As I was checking out they had some nice “last minute” pickup items.  The one that caught my eye was a very handsome Artisan MugI quickly picked it up to gauge the weight and how it feels in my hand because drinking java can be quite spiritual at times for me. I loved it! Then I casually checked the price and was stopped in my tracks, Geez, 25 bucks, really? So I asked my check out gal why it was so high? Just knowing she would tell me. Guess what, she couldn’t.  As a matter of fact she agreed with me!

All she needed was sales training to say “Oh I know that’s a little high but did you feel it in your hands.  It was like it was hand crafted just for you wasn’t it?  Buy it, you won’t regret it!”

Salesmanship…bringing value, what’s in it for me, empathy, using feelings. Anything would have swayed me. Made me think about all of my clients and how many MISSED opportunities they have every day because their associates are coached up and poised with the conviction necessary to make a sale. They need sales training and it starts with knowing, using and believing their own product!  » Read more

Business Leadership and Warriors

Airman become resilience warriors…and Better Leaders.  Another article that fills my heartHaack Airmen with confidence that what I teach translates into every type of career.  Leaders are Made…not born! Business leadership goes hand in hand with sports, wars and education. 

I love this quote “One of the many things I gained from LP was learning about yourself first.”   That is exactly why “Co-Active Coaching” works, it’s a 2 part process:
1) Know yourself deeper
2) To move more Powerfully towards what you want.

This article also reminds me of a quote I read somewhere


The word “Warrior” is said to be older than the word war. The ancient meaning of the word Warrior in Zen tradition is meant:

“A man who is willing to face his fears”
And another older meaning…
One who is willing to know himself”

Business Leadership and the Skills Needed

Please read the article written by USA Today College about 6 Life Skills you better pick up if you want to succeed at work and in business leadership.

I love it when I find articles that resonate with all of my beliefs.  This article is almost verbatim!  #1 is Mindfulness.  Yes, before you react BREATHE!!!  #2 Collaboration.  Knock down those Silos inside your company.  #3 is Resilience.

Man assisting woman in computer room

Man assisting woman on computer

This is so important.  Leadership is all about how long it takes you to Recover. #4 Balance the workload.  Please avoid “checking the boxes” on the To DO list.  #5 Empathy is the key.  Learn your EQ.  What is your level of Emotional Intelligence.  Learn to read the room.  And #6 is Inquiry.  In Co-Active Coaching world we are taught to be “Wildly Curious”.  Ask questions when engaging with another.  Follow this advice and watch the shift in your world

Texting and Driving-Stop!

Wake up…Over 1 million 600,000 accidents happen every year due to texting while driving! Guess what the business world is grouped with teenagers in this statistic being addicted to our phones, doing business in our cars isn’t any different than your son or daughter texting and driving except we are the mature leaders. texting-driving-04_0Come on!


According to Dr David Greenfield human beings are addicted to their smart phones. How friggin ironic is that. Doesn’t sound too smart to me. He claims dopamine is released into your blood system like a junkie. That means good judgment will not happen.


Put your phone in your glovebox if you have this problem. Stop texting and driving. Wake up that Leader inside of you that KNOWS this is wrong. Today is the day…seize it!!!

Carpe Diem!!!

Business Coaching-New Year New Fears

The New Year’s projections and resolutions are due.  Time for 2016! Have you been anticipating a wonderful year, one filled with lots of opportunity and abundanceOr are you coming from a more narrow point of view. A limited future, with few choices, anxiety, and scarcity? What sort of business coaching do you have planned for you and your team with the new year? Some people manifest what they think about. That can go either way-Abundance or Scarcity. Which one will you manifest?


I look at the New Year as a time to reflect and prepare. A time to reflect on what I have learned and be grateful for all that was experienced. It’s also the time to dare to dream. Dreaming is easy for me because I love my life and all that I experience…Positive and negative. Can you say that?


What kind of 2016 are you projecting? 

Abundance or Scarcity?

It’s up to you!

Leadership Development in Corporate America

2 billion 900,000 dollars are spent every year on Leadership Development in corporate America and that figure is close to 5 years old! What does that tell you? I know what it means to me.  It’s time to put development in the classrooms. Yes, we need to develop our future leaders at a younger age!Children Business


I believe with all my heart that Leaders are Made.  I’ve witnessed it. Oh sure some of us are born with the personalities that make leading a little bit more natural. But for me, and the experiences I have had over the years hiring human beings,  I know beyond a shadow of doubt that you can develop and incubate leader ship qualities into anyone.

  » Read more

Business Coaching Tools -Mapping Success

Understanding what the vision of the company will drive sales…and is critically important. roadmapWithout a clear and succinct plan and road map your employees can get off track…Or even make up their own ideas on what the next move is. Put a map to success in their business coaching tools toolbox!

When coaching business’s I find this to be one of the biggest detours to my client’s needs and wants. So we put a plan together and coach up the employees to understand what is expected of them. If we DO NOT do that it is not fair to get angry with them when they get off track and make a mess of things. Is it?

Take this photo of my grandson. doing laundry (1)

His idea of “Doing Laundry” involves his toy in the dryer with the clean clothes, a toy on top of the washer, and him standing naked on top of the washer. Obviously his father didn’t share the plan.

Make sure you show the plan…over and over with your employees. It will save you money, and some unwanted embarrassments.

Success Training Systems -The Internet Part II

“This will revolutionize education!”

Click this video on Education, It’s very good.

The video does an wonderful job explaining and describing the next best thing for education. First it was TV, then radio, on to computers, then video discs, smart boards, then smart phones, and last but not least, animation. All of it seems like a veiled attempt to eliminate teachers.

Why is this important information when it comes to your business? We are all teachers of our products. Our audience, whether coming to our retail store, business to business, or shopping online, ALL want to feel important. The role of the teacher is to inspire, challenge, and excite. It is truly the transference of confidence. That’s what we want to feel when we buy a product.

We can never eliminate teachers from the education system, any more than we can eliminate the human touch of person to person interaction. It is the best way to solidify the experience. The future of your organization and all organizations depends on human interaction as part of your success training systems. Remember text is always easy to misunderstand and it can be more timely and personal to actually pick up the phone.

Sometimes it seems like “People are so unaccustomed to really good service that when they see it they are dazzled by it”.
…Get dazzling!!!

Success Training Systems-The Internet

Back in the early 90’s when I was an account executive at an ad agency I used to read the trade magazines all the time. That’s what I had to do to “keep up” with the latest when coaching my businesses. The “trades” knew what was next. Or at least I thought. They also saw something big coming…watch for the “Information Highway” they said.
…It would change everything

What were they describing? The Information Highway was the Internet. It seems like a lifetime ago, when we used to get all our information from print. Now look at us! Information on success and success training systems are all just a click away.

Do we need newspapers, magazines, phone books, maps, or encyclopedias for information? Nope, we look it up on our phone or we just Google it. Google has branded itself as a verb for crying out loud! Google or You Tube is a huge source of information. (I still reserve the right to not believe that it’s all true but I must admit it’s interesting and entertaining.)

I love Ted Talks too! You can find very interesting talks worth spreading (their motto) at If you like science and love Veritasium on You Tube-a whole channel of science and engineering videos, expert interviews, cool demo’s and discussion with the public check it out here.

This is a valuable resource for my clients. When coaching for businesses I look for every opportunity and reference for my clients to help themselves get what they want.

But if you want to be shocked a little you must visit Wisecrack You Tube. They take really smart things and make them funny. I have a client reference the movie Matrix in their marketing strategy. So I looked at the hidden meaning of Matrix on Wisecrack…hmmm. “Know…your Self. Learning the truth of life.” Well now. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything.

The Information Highway. It’s become part of our fiber.

Coaching Business Thru Slumps

  • Life is so complicated.
  • My world seems like I am living for everyone else.
  • Why can’t I have what I want?

Is this you? There are plenty of books you can read to get out of that rut or funk.

I love Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly, Guy Finley’s Fearless Living , or The Power of Ted by David Emerald’s ways to reboot. These are all great reads for coaching business thru slumps!

Or how about one of these Thoreau quotes: Henry_David_Thoreau

  • “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” 
  • “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”
  • “Simplify, simplify”


It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.  What is it that you are seeing?  Are you happy with it, and if not, why? What are you willing to do to get what you want?  Life is only as complicated as you want. Moving confidently to what you want and being willing to reach out and get your dreams is what Life is really all about.  Choosing to be the life you imagined is what legacies are made of.

And if life is so complicated because of all the webs you have spun or allowed your “self” to be spin into then do the unthinkable…

Change!  Clear it all out and simplify your life.


It’s up to you.

Where Am I Going in This Purpose Filled Life

22.5 inches

22.5 inch Walleye

Not where am I, but where am I going. This look on my face is pure joy as I land this 22.5 inch Walleye a few weeks back at the Lake of the Woods…Where am I going?  In this case…nowhere.  I was incredibly present.

It’s a great question….Can you answer it clearly and succinctly? That is the question!  The question everyone eventually wants/needs to know.

There are other questions that Susan Scott has for you from her book Fierce Conversations

  • Why am I going there?
  • Who is going with me?
  • How am I going to get there?
  • Am I realizing my full potential?
  • Am I fully extended in my capabilities?
  • Is there value and fulfillment in my work today?

In my judgement all of these questions are a derivative of what you want. The most brilliant minds ask me every day how to get what they want. Today…start with  Where am I going?  It could be the jump start you need to live a purpose filled life.

My purpose in life is to serve others. Wake them up to a new way of “being”. That includes my family, friends, clients, special interests, people in general etc. I have a plan on how to do that. But I can tell you the main person I must serve is me. Because if I don’t get balance I will not be able to show up for those I serve.

So where are you going?

Purpose in Business and Life

When I read about people doing what they were intended to do in life, I think of the famous people in history like Lincoln, Beethoven, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dr. King, and Einstein, were all born to do what they did. I can’t think of them as anything but the people they were, living a life of Purpose. Purpose in business, invention, the lord and arts. jimi_hendrix_by_finihous-d5fuyaq

I think of them as being born to wake us up to new perspectives and beauty. Even entertainers like Jimi Hendrix, Brian Wilson, and Tom Hanks seem like they were born to play a guitar, write songs, and be an actor! Doing exactly what they were intended to do on this planet.

 I don’t think of myself that way but people tell me all the time that I look happy…radiant…energized…fulfilled. And in my heart of hearts, I know I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do…Wake people up.

 Waking people up to their own brilliance is what I cherish.  It’s what I live for. I get to witness people during the times that they “choose” to be more. Check out the folks in this picture.  They just finished a two and a half day workshop with my buddy Bob Christiansen and me in Kansas City.

The workshop was designed to help these folks step into a new way of experiencing their


Leadership Academy Kansas City

Leadership as well as each other’s Leadership. It was so much fun! So rewarding watching them light up!

And I am grateful and humbled for their hard work, dedication, courage and commitment.My hope is that you find your place to shine.

Life is short.  Get to work and smile!

Tony Robbins Business Personal Coach

“Get into it!!! Emerge yourself into ALL of it!!! Go ALL IN!!!

Have you ever done that? What motivated you to drop all in? I would be willing to bet it was emotionally driven. For me, my experience in business development is always tied to emotion being the driver. Emotion is the force of life.

I find access to change when I help members of a leader team tap into their emotions. Intellectually we can ALL see what we should do. But actually doing it is another thing.

Finding purpose in life is the only way to a fulfilling life. And that couldn’t be said any better than  the most famous business personal coach on the planet Tony Robbins. Hope you enjoy his Ted talk”.

Michael Jordan’s Inspiration

“Ok I’ll admit it. I’m a Michael Jordon fan. I love his drive and determination. No one worked as hard as him. I also loved how he left the game of basketball at the pinnacle of his career because of a childhood dream of his and his fathers. He had just won 3 NBA titles in a row…3!!! For what? Starting at the bottom of baseball long after his youth, way after his development should have happened. Why? Because he wanted to try it!

He got up at dark, ate breakfast by himself, and worked all day long for 3 years trying to make it as a pro baseball player. In the end he couldn’t hit the curve. Fail? I don’t think so. As he puts it, what’s the worse thing that happened to him, it didn’t turn out the way he wanted. Wow! So what did he do? He went back to the NBA and won 3 more titles in a row. Taking risk inspires me as a business success coach! No risk, no reward!

The pain he felt motivated him thru the fear of failing and took him to the annuals of NBA history as the greatest ever. What if we all worked that hard?”

Business Success Training Secrets

Good Day! I hope this message finds you in good health and prosperity.

Coaching is a two part process;

1)      To know your SELF on a deeper level
2)      So you can move more POWERFULLY towards what you want

That’s it!!!  That’s the secret.

Knowing your SELF is easiest when approached through the portal of Emotions (deeper level).

Know your emotions inside out, and you will know what gives you joy and what you fear (the roadblocks). You will also discover your emotionally charged buttons, and when someone else’s emotions are present and projected onto you.

What you want is personal, (different for every individual) and is sometimes hidden from view. It can be found through the exploration of one’s own beliefs, and fears. Once you can articulate what you want you have an opportunity to move more powerfully towards it. Sometimes it is as simple as creating a Plan. » Read more

Purpose Filled Life – Fearless Living

I am graced with a profession that allows me the insights and perspectives of many people every week. These people come from all walks of life. Mothers, Fathers, Professionals, CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers, PHD’s, small business owners, the grieving, the sick, the addicted, convicted felons, educated, and uneducated…And they all seem to want the same thing. To live a fulfilled life. A “Purpose filled life”. A life filled with love and compassion. The author Guy Finley of “The Essential Laws of Fearless Living” sent me this video. Please watch it. And buy his book. It’s worth your time, trust me.


Jerry Haack

Loving Life Success Training Systems

“I love living. I have seen death, I have almost been dead, and I have survived a life threatening illness. So at the end of the day I love living”.

When you love living it shows. It shows up in your face, in the way you walk, in your personality, and in your presence. Love living and you become infectious. You cannot fake it! Loving life is an important part of my success training systems.

Knowing Love has conviction and power attached to it. Knowing who I am and what I know is attractive and needed in this planet.

Check out what Will Smith says about your words and thoughts having physical power”

Business Leadership Coaching Workshops

This wonderful group of people just experienced each other on a whole new way. A day and a half long business leadership coaching workshop that “hit the mark” look at them!  Look into their eyes. They are in an enlightened state of “Being”. I’m so lucky I get to witness this kind of phenomenon all the time.

 Consequently I “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt when a “team/group” of people connect.  I witness it, feel it, see it. The intimacy is extraordinary.

Intimacy… noun, plural intimacies.

1. the state of being intimate.
2. a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group.
3. a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.:

I prefer looking at the word this way…In-To-Me-See. Vulnerable!  Isn’t that the goal when building teamwork?

It started off like all other workshops.  Setting the intentions, naming the expectations, designing the alliance with one another, how they were going to be with one another, ground rules/no one is wrong, etc. And it moved quickly into what had happened, what is here now/present, and what they wanted moving forward. » Read more

Business Attitudes Makes all the Difference

Just because you have a problem and you are complaining to everyone does not mean you want it fixed. You know people like that right? Every company has one of them. If their problem was fixed they no longer could complain!

Or worse yet, they might find out they are the problem. If they have to look at themselves they won’t have anyone else to blame. Denial isn’t a river in Egypt baby. As the master Zig Ziglar explains business attitudes in this video.

Leadership Development Coaching Life

I’ve read accounts of people in hospice, and/or other “right before death” moments speak of their heart space.

I have also been with people on their deathbed and witnessed for myself the uncanny “Calm” Handin their eyes and body. It’s a surreal sense of “knowing” that they possess. A calm that is unusual, or unprecedented in their life. It is like they truly “KNOW”.

…And gives references to actions that do not represent the ego centric self they possessed when “living among us”. It’s what some have described as the “death” of Ego.

The importance of these case studies, and my own personal experiences, give me hope that the path I am on will resonate with others. In turn, help them get what they want now, so they don’t have to realize it later. You see, I believe it is possible to access this heart space today, while we are walking-about, and not wait until we are on death’s doorstep. » Read more

Leadership Development Coaching Team Creation

Want to build your Team?

First ask yourself the question “Am I really willing to do what it takes to build this team?” createBecause if you aren’t willing to really try then there is absolutely no sense in playing charades.  It’s embarrassing!

If you are ready, here are some really important guidelines:

1)      Create a budget for team building (Allocate REAL $$)

2)      Devote time to getting “offsite” to build the Team

3)      Hire professional facilitators

4)      Be prepared to give the time to developing competence and relationship

5)      Start the process of Personal Development (PD)

6)      Create a culture of PD

7)      Read all the books necessary to create a high level of Emotional Intelligence

8)      Mentor the importance of “naming what emotion” is present…mad, sad, glad, fear or shame

9)      Get your Leaders professional Coaching

10)   Start everything first with this one thing… creating “Vulnerability Based Trust”

That get your attention?

It is all possible and very important when building a Team. A team needs all of these guidelines to have the conviction needed to change the culture. Your Teammates or Leaders will see how committed you are if you take these steps. Your Conviction is what will sell it.

And to begin it all by saying one of the goals is to create Vulnerability Based Trust…well, that is the real foundation to a successful team. Being vulnerable starts with you. A vulnerable leader shows the way, models the program, demonstrates the strength and trust for the team by showing their feelings.

Vulnerability = S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H

The common misnomer I encounter, mostly by men, is that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. Vulnerable = Weakness

It’s not true, how many times have you witnessed a strong human being demonstrating a sense of passion, or compassion for another and relate to it? What happens to you when you see a strong leader weep? I’ll tell you what happens…Trust emotes.

Thus, if you want to build a team you must build trust. Leadership development coaching starts here! If you want trust on a whole new level, you have to be vulnerable. That’s it! Lesson over.

The World of Professional Business Coaching

As a marketing/sales consultant I have had the incredible honor of seeing over 1500 businesses’ internal makings.

This includes how they manage fixed and variable expenses, their employees, guarantee profit margins, project market variables, plan for threats/opportunities etc. Bottom line? How they make money, and lose money. It has been a fascinating ride working alongside such brilliant human beings!

My niche in all this, has been the ability to help initiate and cultivate a deeper sales Coaching

It’s in my core! I love sales. I’ve always been a rain maker. I remember my father telling me at a very young age (7 years old I think), “Gerald, if bullsh*t were music, you would have a brass band!” I had no idea what the heck he was talking about, only that I was different from him, a WWII man’s man, that worked 1 job for 40 years but I soon learned what he meant.

Sales have always been important to me. Not to ruffle my “operations conscious” peers, but I must say, it’s the most important entity in any business. Period! Because without it, nothing moves!

When I help make a company’s sales go up, it is much easier for me, as a consultant, to identify the “gaps” or weaknesses in the system. IE, Fulfillment, employee engagement, corporate support, HR, etc. Thus the expression “Sales cure all ills” comes into play.

The nature of this blog is to try and articulate a few of the familiar barriers that I have discovered in ALL of these businesses. One of which is FEAR and SHAME. It’s insidious. It lurks in the cracks and cranny of every business. Some deeper than others. It is usually the culprit behind a paralyzed culture. (Read Brene Brown’s 12 years study, Daring Bravely for more insight) » Read more

Culture Changing Professional Business Coaching

When you finally decide to choose to create a company that promotes Abundance over cultureScarcity you are choosing a life of love versus fear. Abundance has endless possibilities attached to it! But it takes time, patience and understanding the success training systems behind culture change to create such an environment.

Professional Business Coaching Companies like mine can make an immediate impact of a business when we are hired to help shift the culture. Impacts do not change culture the sustainability is the problem. Just think of how many self-help books you’ve read, retreats and workshops you have attended, or motivational experiences you have had, did they stick?

Research suggests that it takes 3 to 7 years to successfully convert a culture.  So when you hire a company like mine make sure you ask that question. How long will “what I want to create” take to change my culture?  Whatever the answer is, you can plan on doubling it.
» Read more

Abundance vs. Scarcity as a Professional Business Coach

What does that mean to you? Ask your partner, a friend, co-worker and you will find the Abundance Versus Scarcityanswers very interesting. What does it mean to come from a place of abundance? And in contrast what does it mean to come from a place of scarcity?

Abundance is a noun that is described as a very large quantity of something; the good things in life are plentiful; prosperity. Scarcity is also a noun that describes the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage; lack of. Abundance or Scarcity, which do you choose?

It is a choice if you “wake up” to the idea that everything is a choice. No one is to blame or persecute-just choice. As a Professional Business Coach I find this dilemma all the time

Try on this perspective…Coming from Abundance has more space. More room to move around in, think in. more options, more solutions, more opportunities. Coming from Abundance is empowering for yourself, and those you serve, lead or co-exist with. When I feel Abundant my strength increases 100 fold. I am no longer victim to anything.  I am larger than life. My world is being governed by my values. » Read more

Professional Business Coach “The Hawk”

Over the years my friends have nicknamed me “Hawk” because my name Haack is pronounced that way. Also because, in my younger years, I was gifted with some speed and jumping ability so it connoted “flying”.  But more importantly in later life, being Hawk served me on my ability to “see”.  And as a Leader, that gift came in real handy.

Jerry-Haack-logoI have always had the ability to see “what is next”…The perspective from 5,000 feet. As you can see I even adopted the Hawk on my Logo.




On January 28th, 2004 I read the book Primal Leadership by Goldman. He authored Emotional Intelligence as well and I was a fan of his. I fell in love with the name of Primal Leadership so I used it for my company.  It depicts the kind of Leadership I employ and foster in the companies I serve as a professional business coach.

The book does an outstanding job of Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence.  Power as in Primal power in Leading. The book uses decades of research from world class organizations that resonate leaders (whether CEO’s or managers, coaches or politicians) excel not just thru skills and smarts, but by connecting with others using EI (Emotional Intelligence) competencies like empathy and self-awareness. » Read more

Business Coaching Tools-Wake Up

Recently-I decided to get some t-shirts made in my arsenal of business coaching tools that say “Wake Up”. I offered a free shirt for stories shared with me on this site of how you


Wake Up!


Wake Up Shirt

witnessed people “Waking Up”?

Russel from New York had this to say:

I too was honored and felt immensely grateful for some feedback I received from a Client that he is informing me is “Waking Him Up”.

The Client I’m referencing has enjoyed an immensely successful 30 year career as a photographer — pictures we’ve probably all seen in magazines. Like many other businesses, the business of photography is changing radically and it is becoming harder to earn a living commensurate with which he has become accustomed to. He wanted to receive coaching to help him determine A) whether he wanted continue in this profession and B) How, if he did decide to remain in the business, how he could re-invent himself.

Like many of our Clients (and ourselves) our “Saboteur” (Gremlin) (Lower Self)… Whatever we want to refer to it as can grab hold of the steering wheel and either pull the car off to the side of the road and shut the engine off or make a U Turn and take us in the opposite direction of where we want to go.

Here are a few things that have helped my Client “WAKE UP” (and while I’m honored to receive the positive feedback, I’m more honored to be have the privilege of helping my Client help himself. » Read more

Business Coaching Tools-Wake Up Shirt

Recently I was honored from a client about an example of how they witnessed a teammate “Wake Up”, so he thought of me.  It’s times like this that I realize I am the luckiest man on the planet and I am consciously “living” the life I want to live.

It is so validating for me. I am in my Purpose. Doing what I was intended to do. Living a fulfilled, purpose-guided, value-honored- life. Sometimes I lose sight of all that I am doing, and accomplishing. So to hear a client tell me “well done”, well, I get really motivated.

This has been happening on a pretty frequent level lately. So much so that I decided to get some t-shirts made in my arsenal of business coaching tools that say “Wake Up”.


Wake Up Shirt Logo Back


Wake Up Shirt-Front

This isn’t just any ole t-shirt.  I can honestly say it is the most comfortable (and expensive) I’ve ever worn.

Produced by ONNO…It is made of Bamboo, Hemp, and Organic Cotton-all sustainable fibers.

Bamboo:  The fastest growing plant on Earth. Produces more oxygen than trees. Grows in most climates. Requires very little water to grow.

Hemp: Yeah. Pretty much the same as Bamboo. Grows anywhere, fast, requires very little water, and leaves the topsoil in great shape. Naturally pest resistant.  » Read more

Business Personal Coach-Vacation

The lighthouse of life, do you have one? What is your guiding light that helps you navigate thru the choppy, rocky, wavy and sometimes dark waters of life? Do you naturally accept the anxiety associated with “living”? If so I invite you to “Breathe” and let that story go!As a business personal coach sometimes you need to get away and take some vacation. Breaks from work are very healthy even if this means staying at home for just a few days.

Recently we went to visit our Son and his family in Haines Alaska. Haines is a quaint little village in the northern part of the Alaska Panhandle. With just under 2000 people you’ll find it in the Chillcoot Inlet, near Glacier National Park.

We flew into Juneau and took a ferry ride for four hours up the Lynn Canal. While doing so I took this photo: lighthouse to haines

This ferry ride is some of the most spectacular landscape I have ever seen. I was particularly taken back by this lighthouse. I could only imagine its use in the early years of travel up this passage.

This was the waterway to the great Yukon Gold Rush.  I assume that this lighthouse literally saved lives.

Check out the Lynn Canal, its beauty and history by reading more at

See the lighthouse?  Tiny in the face of all that is behind it, surrounding it? This metaphor for me is profound, maybe you can use it as well. I know so many people in my lifetime.  Some happy, some sad, and others numb…not awake. Their life is nothing more than a series of days strung together. Waiting until the next vacation day, or weekend never living in the present, their lives are a compilation of days, weeks, months, years and decades of events they have no say in. » Read more

Business Personal Coach -Heritage

Old stories are hard to rewrite, old stories you grew up believing in.

Important people from our past have impacted us.  They especially have impacted our strengths. They’ve helped shape who we are and made us the “leader” we are today. That’s a positive, and, it can be a negative. It’s really important to know the difference.

Consequently these folks might have impacted our abilities to “think outside of the box”. The stories might be so deeply engrained that we “cannot see” another point of view. Therefore, we do not know, what we do not know any different because we can’t see it.

Look at this picture of this beautiful lady. This is my mother. Isn’t she grand?  I love her like My motherno other. She is my foundation, my rock. The one who brought me into this world and she is even more important now that my father is gone.

Growing up she influenced me heavily.  She nursed me through my early years when I was asthmatic and sickly. She comforted me when I was down and out. And because of that profound impact I was swayed by her own perspective of the world.

A perspective I had to siphon out as I aged, and understand what is hers is hers, and mine is mine. In many ways I can no longer relate to her beliefs. It doesn’t make her wrong, or me right- just different.

I had to know myself more deeply in order to move more powerfully towards what I want. But I needed help. Asking for help is healthy. It took me a long time to understand that. Being vulnerable is not a weakness in this case but a strength. » Read more

Small Business Mentor-Tom McGranahan

June 26th, 2015 marked the anniversary of the death of my mentor, Tom McGranahan. 20

Help and support signpost

years have passed. Tom was also my brother-in-law. Married my sister Marilyn when I was 12. Was always a part of my life growing up. He knew me, as a kid, young adult, employee, partner, and man.

Tom was an educated man especially when it came to numbers, and probably would have made an excellent CPA. He was analytical and precise. Well read, and very smart.  If you didn’t know him you might take him as arrogant. But his humor and quick wit shattered that notion. Sometimes!

When his step fathers business was in jeopardy he ran it while going to college, he excelled!   It  was this moment in time that helped define his path.  He was  wildly successful and his management style was incremental in saving the business and “turning it around”.  It was in this experience that Tom knew his talents for business and would be owning his own soon.

Consequently the local radio owner Paul Olson approached him to come work for him.  Tom never had any intention of working for anyone so he declined. Paul (Ole) didn’t take no for an answer and made Tom an offer he couldn’t refuse.  And that’s when Tom tried his hand at being a salesman, and sales manager.   Another chapter of success unfolded.

Paul and Tom’s relationship was mutually beneficial, they both made a lot of dough.  And made a wonderful team. Ole once described their relationship as bright and rich, Tom was bright and Ole was rich.  Together they made some bold moves and grew the business even more.  As a matter of fact they developed a business called Brite and Rich, elevator background music for business’s.

Tom took me under his wing, officially, when he hired me to sell radio advertising.  I was green, motivated, anxious, and “open” to new ideas. That’s when the real influencing began. I was blessed with his intuit, humor, compassion for winning, attention to detail, and conviction.  “No” was never an option. » Read more

Small Business Mentor

Abundance versus Scarcity? Everyone that knows me knows, that I believe in only one Small Business Mentorscenario to this battle…ABUNDANCE!!! I am a very competitive person.  That’s why I was able to step thru my insecurities and excel as a small business mentor.

That’s why I was able to compete in sports, coach my kids, start business’s, and get where I am today. In my mind EVERYTHING is possible-No exceptions!

Where there is scarcity FEAR resides. Is that how you motivate yourself…Thru Fear?  Some folks do. If I feel fear I will lean into see what’s there, pay attention to it, get wildly curious, but NOT let the fear own me. I like options, and anything short of that is not any fun (:

Abundance on the other hand is all about Love. I look at life that way. Situations, life, can only come from two modes…it’s either love or fear.

This applies to changing the culture of an organization.  It’s really hard work but it can be done and will be really FUN in the end!

IF you are considering changing the culture of your organization you better realize it is going to be a bit of a battle. Some studies show it take 18 months to 7 years. The best place to start is with the Vision of the owners. Articulating a vision is a process in itself then sharing yet another.

Creating buy-in to a shared vision takes weigh- in from the Leader Team. (I said Leader Team, not Management Team) » Read more

Professional Business Coaching

I have a list of questions for you to consider. Please play the game and answer each…

·         What is the difference between a “Leader” and a “Manager”? Professional Business Coaching

o   -Which resides in your organization…Leaders or Managers?

·         Are you apart of, or lead a high performing Team…or is it a group assembled to get work completed?

o   -Have the members of this group been clarified on the decision making responsibilities?

·         Does this “Team” of yours know its Shared Vision?

o   -Do you/they know your/their Purpose…Short and long term goals?

·        When confronted with adversity will this Team come from a place of “Abundance” or “Scarcity”?

How did you do?

In some of the organizations I provide professional business coaching the Leaders and Managers are sometimes considered the same.  I absolutely do not agree with this ambiguity. It can get really convoluted and messy.  A manager is meant to manage the status quo?  And a Leader is able to think outside of the box? Leaders LEAD and Managers MANAGE, right, what does your organization expect you to do? » Read more

Professional Business Coaching- Culture

Sometimes the truth shines thru. Sometimes we can actually breathe and relax because we TRUST the truth will shine through.

I get so sick and tired of a “culture” that thrives on the negative.  These companies are not conscious to the fact that they are “coming from a place of scarcity” and not from Change aheadabundance.

Coming from abundance is the equivalence of coming from a place of love and acceptance.  (Not really corporate language huh?) In contrast, coming from a place of scarcity is flat out fear induced. Does your company operate that way? Meaning, it is really fueled by the P&L cash flow projections and not “Why” you are in business? Companies bring me in to squelch the fear even though they don’t think it’s “that bad”. 

Once I get in I can see for myself the true culture that exists. Sometimes it’s better than they thought.  That’s always a great day/awareness. (I love working with individuals that “know” there is always room for improvement…those are the winners) » Read more

Business Personal Coach “Solving Sad Mondays”

Feeling sad? Look at this photo of my son: 

My Son

He is living on top of the world now- Haines, Alaska. See that look on his face? He epitomizes joy and a fulfilled life.

I couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishments and the life he has created for his sons and wife Heather.  Consequently it exemplifies how we should live not how America chooses to unconsciously trudge through life as this article states from Bill Maw and The Association of Talent Development.

As a business personal coach Monday’s usually bring solving a sad office! My buddy and partner Bob Christensen have dedicated our lives to waking up the sad, asleep and terrified human beings on this planet. In this photo in Phoenix we are being photo bombed by our client Nick. Besides Nick’s obvious joy of living I want you to look into my brother Bob’s eyes.

Bob Christensen

Bob Christensen

Those eyes are the eyes of wonder and accomplishment.  Those are the eyes of a man who has witnessed miracles.  Yes, he has seen his share of sadness, but he has not let it define him.

His brilliance shines through!

Business Coaching Tools Voices

“How Do I Stop the Voices?”

I was asked that question last week. Sounds like a punch line to a joke right? Maybe a joke from one of my emotionally unstable clientele! It is NOT a punch line, nor is it coming from someone that suffers with voices

The voices are very real…and in this case are coming from a highly functioning successful executive with a very long resume of academia. First you have to recognize the voices, are you conscious of yours?

As an executive life coach my approach to helping someone “get what they want” first involves getting a handle on the roadblocks, the voices. That is square 1. For me, they are simply the voices representing Ego.  (Please note: This is NOT how ALL coaches-coach.  This is my approach that I have had great results with.)

What does EGO mean to you, ask yourself the question?  What is Ego?

Noun, Plural Egos:

1)   The “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

2)   Psychoanalysis. the part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.

3)   egotism; conceit; self-importance: Her ego becomes more unbearable each day.

4)   self-esteem or self-image; feelings: Your criticism wounded his ego.

5)   (often initial capital letter) Philosophy. the enduring and conscious element that knows experience. Scholasticism. the complete person comprising both body and soul.

6)   Ethnology. a person who serves as the central reference point in the study of organizational and kinship relationships.

» Read more

Business Management Coaching Culture

Abundance versus Scarcity? Everyone that knows me knows, that I believe in only one scenario to this battle-ABUNDANCE!!!

I am a very competitive person.  That’s why I was able to step thru my insecurities and excel in sales.That’s why I was able to compete in sports, coach my kids, start business’s, and get where I am today. In my mind EVERYTHING is possible.  No exceptions.

Where there is scarcity FEAR resides.  Is that how you motivate  yourself…Thru Fear?  Some folks do. If I feel fear I will lean into, see what’s there, pay attention to it, get wildly curious, but NOT let the fear own me. I like options, and anything short of that is not any fun! Culture

Abundance on the other hand is all about Love.  I look at life that way.  Situations, life, can only come from two modes it’s either  love or fear. This applies to changing the culture of an organization.  It’s really hard work but it can be done and FUN in the end!

If you are considering changing the culture of  your organization you better realize it is going to be a bit of a battle. Some studies show it take 18 months to 7 years. The best place to start is with the Vision of the owners.  Articulating a vision is a process in itself! Then sharing yet another. Creating buy-in to a shared vision takes weigh- in from the Leader Team. (I said Leader Team, not Management Team)

Once the Shared Vision is bought into it can be presented to the rest of the associates by the member s of the Leader Team. Having the Leader Team cascade the vision down thru their channels eliminates potential bottle necks. » Read more

Business Coaching Tools

I went into a local furniture store 3 different times and with the same results. No one asked me for my name, or even tried to introduce themselves, weird huh? They waited on me, but left the introduction part toolbox
What is wrong with this picture? Is retail dying? Maybe, It is obvious to me that the shared vision of the owner is not cascading down to the associates.

______Furniture is here to give you (our clients and friends) the best buying experience ever”

Ha!!! What I came away with is that I was there for them, and not that they were there for me.

I really don’t care to pay for that kind of experience.  I want a relationship at least FAKE like you love me. The irony is that this furniture store was expensive!  I would have thought that the customer would naturally come first over price.

Dazzle me please! Show me how I am the most important person on the planet. I’m a believer in what James Barksdale quoted back when he was Fed Ex President.

“People are so unaccustomed to really great service that when they see it they are DAZZLED by it”. (Put that in your Business Coaching Tools Tackle Box) » Read more

Business Success Training-The Travel Industry

I travel a lot and I truly appreciate the simplicity of easy plans and trips. That being said, if I can drive I will. I own a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe that makes me happy EVERY single time I climb in it. Purchased from my favorite car dealer on the planet-Knoepfler Chevrolet in Sioux City Iowa! Thank you friends!!!  I can always COUNT on travel

By contrast, no matter how often I travel, I am forever “not comfortable” flying. In my experiences, there is NOTHING comfortable about flying.

Between ordering tickets, getting the best deals, airport security, long lines, priority check-ins, stripping down, carry on versus checking bags, smell and space with people sitting next to me, Spring storms, last minute travel plans and last minute accommodations, missing connecting flights, not being able to fly direct, flying first class and sitting in the back of the plane next to the toilet, snowstorms, the hustle and bustle, tram cars, oh how I could go on and on!

I chose Delta as my airline of preference because their hub is here in Minneapolis where I live, and my chance of direct flights are increased.  By choosing Delta over others I also chose their loyalty program.  I connected my American Express to it.  So I receive points towards travel for every dime I put on the card.  It’s a nice deal. Until it’s no!

The fine print is always there for saps like me. Of course I didn’t read it. Why? Because I am one of those people that actually believe loyalty programs mean we are going to have a personal relationship-it’s part of my business success training. It is EXACTLY the kind of loyalty I teach in my sales trainings. Loyalty that is based on a relationship built on trust and results.  A relationship that forges a safe feeling, creating a level of intimacy-that is my idea of loyalty! » Read more

Business Management Coaching-Inspiration

Daunting, chilling, inspiring, captivating, nauseating, ghostly, maddening, enraging. All words that came to mind as I stood in front of the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC! As I look at my reflection in this photo I am taken back by the mirror like shine off the Business Managment Coaching

Laced with dead men’s names-My God what a tribute to the veterans that were doing their job!

I’m not going to get into the political views of this war, or war in general for that matter. I just wanted to share this because of the impact on me emotionally as I stood there.  Emotions resonated all over my body as I stood there. My back was tense, stomach upset; hair on my neck was standing up, all while I was feeling Fear, Anger, Shame, Grief, and Joy.

The Fear, was about “our learning’s” from this battle, and the sense that we didn’t learn a damn thing. Anger was about the senselessness of killing another human being. The Shame was for my discerned apathy towards the families that lost loved ones on both sides of the ocean. My Grief was for all those men I have worked with over the years as I tried to lighten their pain associated with their experience in Vietnam. And my Joy was the deep gratitude I had for being alive, free, having a healthy family, not one family member’s name present, and for the thought of being able to tell the story of these lives that have been written on this wall.

See this, made my love of living even more clear. Contrasting death with life always does that for me.  Death is the great equalizer. My perspectives become very clear when death is present. If you haven’t experienced this tour in Washington DC please put it on your bucket list and make it happen. » Read more

Business Personal Coach Reflecting on Friendship

Last summer I was reunited with my brother Joe and other brother (from another mother) Brian Kass. We came together at my sisters by chance. It was a brief encounter, but very impactful.

Brian, Joe and I were inseparable since the first days I can remember being alive. Brian is 2 months younger than me and my brother is almost 2 years to the day younger. I can remember being together at roughly age 4 thru age 12 every day of our lives because we lived next to each other.

Our most formidable years of learning were influenced by our time together.  We shared all kinds of adventures in a local creek, basketball, pole vaulting, neighborhood parties and fights, whiffle ball, exploring, and Long time friends-1

 I am taken back by this photo because I was reminded of ALL of that, and how much I still love these two men. And only because of life getting in the way, we were apart. Our first split came because I am an August baby and Brian was Oct, so I went to school ahead of him. We were 3 grades apart from then on.

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Business Personal Coach-Your Expiration Date!

What if you saw your death date? How would your life be different? The End

I want to know what you would do. Please send me you thoughts.  By doing so you are giving me permission to publish. I can leave your name on if you want, but just so you know, I may or may not share them.

Knowing the day you were going to die might inspire you to be all you can be. Or it might paralyze you.

Which is it?

Response 05-01-15 :

“I wouldn’t change a thing. I would keep treating people with kindness, paying it forward whenever possible, kicking ass in business, hanging with my family as much as possible, finding the positive in life rather than dwelling on the negative and just trying to have as much fun with the life I was given as long as I have it.”

Nick Hentges

Business Coaching Tools -Relationships

As a caveat to this blog I want to add the underlying issue at hand for all business’s to flourish well into the future…

Personal relationships.I don’t care if it is business to business via on line shopping, or mass retailer…it is relevant.  The portal to the future is “Knowing” what the customer wants and being ahead of they want-well ahead of the current time and space. How do you do that?

All of my clients, (and probably you too if you have been reading my blogs for a while) get tired of hearing me preach about the interview process.  All of my clients hear it…Not all of them do it.

I get it…short cuts are popular.  But as Frost wrote it may be covered in regret.


Robert Frost (1874–1963).  Mountain Interval.  1920. eG92Y3B6MTI=_o_the-road-not-taken-by-robert-frost-poetry-reading

The Road Not Taken

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Purpose Filled Life Coaching

Delusional state of safety! Those were the words I uttered to a client when I was coaching purpose filled lifehim and his business last week. I was not really conscious of the impact that I made on him until he chuckled, then burst into a laughter.

I’m creating a delusional state of safety?!?”  He went on to say.  “That is awesome!!!” He wanted to know where I had heard that expression and I sheepishly said I made it up. I guess his denial inspired me (:

In the context of his “story” he was going on and on why he could not go after the things he wanted.  And  I guess what I uttered ended up being a creative way of saying, without saying it, OMG please stop!!!  Can’t you hear what you are saying?  You are so full of denial right now!
» Read more

Business Leadership Coaching -VISION

The world is changing. Information is at our finger tips. Traditional forms of media are future-visionhaving to look at new ways to remain relevant. Newspapers are getting smaller and smaller because they are being replaced by on line news and cannot justify the paper cost. Television has gone from the big 3 networks to 1000+ providers that include the likes of reality programs.  Plus they are dealing with the fact that technology gives us (the consumer) the option to record and fast forward by all the commercials.

Radio is NOW in our hands in the shape of a phone.  And new cars supply us with the option of choosing whatever we want to listen to via satellite. Our perception of reality is morphing. As a company you are forced to look at other ways of reaching your current customer or prospects.

Initially Social media made its huge impact on reaching the younger demographic.  Now social media includes all ages. And it is constantly diversifying splitting up once was just a website getting traffic, to face book, then linked in, now a dozen others are in the mix. What is the right path for you, what works for you, and will it continue to work for you?  All really good questions don’t you think? » Read more

Business Success Training Purpose

The people around you, and consequently many of the Companies you shop, are asleep just like the people were in the movie the Matrix. In the movie Matrix a whole civilization went to sleep.  They chose comfort over hardship. It is the perfect metaphor for our current culture, and lives. Are you asleep?  If so it’s time to WAKE UP! sleeping

Moving thru life unaware of the choices you possess is a travesty. Believe it or not many people are asleep to the idea that they have choices. When confronted with the prospects that they are in charge of their life I usually get the response that “they know” they have choices. But then their behavior suggests the contrary.  A victim attitude, persecutor perception, or constant rescuing routine accompanies the poor souls of the walking dead. They have no idea they are choosing to stay in that coma.

Do you know that the key to being awake to these choices are your feelings. If you want to break a habit you have to feel what is present first. » Read more

Business Success Training Workshops

Want to make an impact on your group. Shake them up, refocus them, get some synergy? Do a workshop!
I recently held one that had the following ingredients present.

Their goal, like many of my clients, was to look into the future. ..Visioning. It’s very interesting to me how a really great visioning process is so keenly related to the Emotional Intelligence of the Leadership that is in place.

So to work with me, I insist that the group is willing to do some pre-work around their own emotional intelligence, as well as get their understanding of what Leadership is, plus build some “teamwork” in, just so no answer is wrong and everyone’s voice is heard.

Then and only then is getting to a sustainable “Shared Vision” even possible.  Not a vision that is here today and gone tomorrow…a sustainable one.

Creating the “container” like above, that has an articulated designed alliance with the teammates is really critical in order to hear what everyone wants or thinks the future will look like.  You have to make the group feel safe enough to say  “What they want”.

1)      Fantastic Leadership starts with developing a relationship and creating intimacy (In-To-Me-See) (45 minutes)

  1. Circle them up
  2. Discuss perceptions of what Leadership is to them
  3. Discuss what is here now
  4. Write It all down on a board, no answer is wrong

2)      Setting the Container: building an alliance with one another, why it is important, and the understanding of “What is Present”   (90 minutes)

  1. The defining of what Emotions are
  2. Play Ted Talk on shame
  3. Why is it important to know emotions as a Leader
  4. What emotions are present so you can “Read the Room”
  5. Discuss the importance of empathy and how emotions are the gateway to transformation
  6. What great Leaders used emotion to transform a movement?

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Professional Business Coach-Roll with the Punches Part 2

Part 2 to Bio…Why lows make you the person you are. NAFB Vision

My company,it’s all marketing started off with a bang.   Roughly a dozen clients came on board with me when I asked them if they saw value in having me as a resource much the same way they would having their very own marketing department. I wrote marketing plans for them, coached up sales departments, and organized their advertising and promotions strategies…Some more than others. I also acted as a gatekeeper for reps calling on them. I was not an ad agency. They thought of me more like their corporate lawyer or CPA. I was paid a retainer so they could budget my time and account for me more easily.

The clients I asked to do business with were primarily family owned. At the time I wasn’t even conscious of that, nor realized the importance of it. All I was focused on (wanted) was to get some momentum going, income coming in, all while trying to help them.

In part 1 of this blog I told you about what I did leading up to this. Basically I had 3 highs and lows in my career that shaped me.First, an ad agency account manager that managed about 50 clients. I saw first-hand, behind the curtain so to speak, how different types of companies made their money. Second, a franchise director that started up a“first ever”national jewelry franchise. I discovered the work behind rolling out a new product, branding, and what it meant to be national, create a “want” and follow through. Lastly, I experienced the life of an importer of products into the U.S. That was the culmination of everything I knew, taking a start-up, trying to brand it, market it, and make a living from it. » Read more

Business Personal Coach-Who are You?

Alone at night when no one else is present. Completely alone…no sounds, no thoughts, only you. That is the time, when you know what is real, what you want, what is important, and what really matters. Those moments are precious. Those are the moments that your true nature is exposed. Woman Doing Yoga

Those moments tell you who you are, what is important, and what your life mission is. Those are the only things that matter. Everything else…is B S!

That “true nature” is your foundation, your integrity. In this space your values breathe and thrive. This is the place that you know what you stand for, and what you would die for. Unfortunately, for most people, those moments do not present themselves often enough. And when they do it feels foreign. » Read more

Professional Business Coach-Roll with the Punches!

I’ve been at this sales and marketing game for over 3 decades now. Actually pushing 4 decades…Yikes!Throughout these years I have had some real highs and lows.In retrospect, the highs turned out to be lows.  And the lows have turned out to be highs.I will explain, but first I will try and articulate the mindset I’ve punchesd over the years for you.

From the earliest times I can remember I have never worried too much about my abilities to perform and make money.Even though I was scared on the inside, I pushed through it and went after my dreams.I always felt like something great was around the corner for me.  Destiny like.Consequently it gave me the courage to “Dare to Be Great”.

My first big win was being named the ad agency of record for the development of a new community.It was an Arizona based company that hired me and developed the first homes in Dakota Dunes South Dakota.

A community built around an Arnold Palmer golf course.  Our marketing agency went up against the bigger advertising agencies and won, it was very validating for me personally.This win gave me the confidence to go after more clients. We had a great few years before I went on to another venture.

A few years later I was hired to start up the first “Enfranchised Jewelry Store” in America. It was a fantastic idea. Completely integrated from diamond mine, the cutter, to retail.I went to school to become a franchise director. A very involved position.We were publicly traded, and I had a showroom model in Minneapolis that I flew prospects in to see.Did a lot of traveling and was flown all over the US, and eventually we were written up in a national magazine as a hot idea.  » Read more

Business Success Coach Reflection

My past highs and lows fueled exactly why I am where I am right now. In retrospect, as I look back over the years, it was/is all perfect. At the time it didn’t feel that way. It was a bumpy, sometimes scary ride that wasn’t all peaches and cream! Reflection

Another way I choose to look at it is:

  • My past success gave me a road map to my current success
  • My past failures gave me a road map to my current success
  • My past success and failures equals a road map to the NOW

My company, it’s all marketing was born from the experiences I had from all of my ups and downs. I found myself in a position where I had companies asking me to come and work for them, handle their sales team, run their company, marketing department, advertising, etc. But I didn’t want to work for someone again; I had just gotten out of the corporate race.  I recognized that many companies (especially family owned) did not have a marketing department, and saw an opportunity to fill a niche. That’s what I did. » Read more

Success Training Systems- Building Sales Part 6 Final

Listening in first, second and third person. Listening
First person listening is relating everything that you are hearing to your own experiences. IE, “Oh, I know exactly what you mean about your kids, my Tommy got an A+ in his spelling test!” Ever meet anyone that constantly interrupted your story with their own. Annoying isn’t it?
Second person listening is being able to repeat everything that is said, word for word, like a laser. The benefit of learning to listen like this is that the person speaking KNOWS beyond a shadow of doubt that you are “with them” and understanding them on a very insightful and unselfish level.

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Success Training Systems- Building Sales Part 5

I feel like I have egg on my face! Egg
 I once inherited a guy to train, last minute, out in the field. He was a super enough guy, authentic, well liked, honest, ok looking, well dressed, and educated but he had ZERO confidence.
As I look back I can only assume it was because someone wounded him at an early age, and it didn’t help that he had a speech impediment. He told me with his “Lisp” sound “I feel like I have egg on my face when I am in front of the prospect”. That statement and image has stuck with me for over 35 years.
IF you have no confidence the odds of selling is practically ZERO.  I mean really…
How many codependent prospects will you find to feel sorry enough for you to give you their hard earned dollars? Get over  your wound, or get out of sales.  Which is it?
By definition I teach the word “S-E-L-L-I-N-G” as “The transference of Confidence”, NOTHING MORE!
People BUY Confidence.  They want to feel safe and secure.
In the selling process I have had to coach people up on “How they show up”. What impact do you want to make?
For a positive impact you better understand what you look like, how you talk, what kind of presence  you have, etc.
Here are some basics…
·         Check your hair, teeth, bags under your eyes, breath etc
·         How do your clothes look?  Are your clothes pressed, and/or current?
·         Do you know lightly starched white shirts make you look smart?
·         Are your shoes polished and up-to-date.  (Many people judge the show you wear as the type of person you are)
·         Your coat, purse, brief case, phone are PART of you (I once had a client look at my phone and say, “I’m paying you 30k and  you have a Blackberry?!?)
·         Speak clearly, do not mumble

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Success Training Systems- Building Sales Part 4

My motto for over 40 decades is simple. Make a “CLAIM” to get their attention… Claims

We have a system in place that gets great results for ALL of our successful clients and I want to share it with you”  And then set the appointment to interview them and find out what their needs and wants are!

That is ALL you have to know and do.  No other process. If you don’t believe me then buy the book SNAP by Jill Konrath. She was smart enough to write ALL of these basic points down and make money off of them

  • First decision is to allow access or not: We want to move the customer from oblivious to us to curious.
  • Second decision is to Initiate Change: We want to move them from complacent to commit to change.
  • Third decision is to select resources: We want to move them from being open to a wide variety of options to certain that you are the right resource.

First decision is to allow access or not

  • “I don’t need any more interruptions.”
  • “I need to protect my time at all costs.”
  • “Sales people are a waste of time.”

Your primary competitor is any other use of the customer’s time!

What Potential Clients Hate: » Read more

Success Training Systems- Building Sales Part 3

In Part 2 of Building Sales I introduced you to Jill Konrath of the book SNAP.  Did you like it? What did you like about it? All of my sellers over  the years are instructed that they must make a claim to get someone’s attention. And from that Claim you get the time to interview the prospect. The results is a reputation that gets you “Referrals”. And you want referrals!

Referrals = $$$ Referrals

Why would you ever do it any other way?!?


The prospect has no time, and  they want to stay comfortable, even if they are not happy. You literally have seconds to make an impact. Are you an expert in your field and WORTH the prospects time? Do you have enough information about this prospect to be aligned with their values, needs and wants?

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Success Training Systems- Building Sales Part 2

The last article I wrote was on the Sales Interview process. That is BY FAR the biggest differentiator between sellers. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be the BEST? Then you must interview and part of the interview process involves having a “Claim” to get the clients attention.

What is your claim?

“We have a system in place that gets our clients great results and I want to share it with you!”

 It is CRUTIAL to have a claim…Why? Because TIME is of essence and the “buyer” has NONE.

There is 1 book in particular that I recommend on this art and it’s called SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath and here is an excerpt that I hope you enjoy…

SNAP® Selling

Jill Konrath Snap Selling

Frazzled Customer Syndrome

Time is their precious commodity, and they protect it at all costs.

Frazzled customers lack time to think, research, for strategy or reflection! They look for people they can count on to support them in these core leadership concepts. Your knowledge, your expertise, your problem-solving capability, or your ability to create new options that didn’t exist before. When you focus on turning yourself into the differentiator, then suddenly everything shifts. » Read more

Success Training Systems Building Sales Part 1

Sales, sales, sales! The majority of my feedback from these internet writings have been a request for more information on sales. Ok, the next few articles will feature some of my beliefs on this subject matter. Increase Sales

First and foremost…know your client! How do I propose that? INTERVIEW them extensively. Get all the data you can, and then do the unthinkable read it back to them word for word.

Why do something so elementary?

1)      Proves to them you will take the time necessary

2)      Proves to them you “heard them”

3)      They will see their perspective thru another resource…YOU

That’s IT!!!  The mystical sales guru’s sure fired way to get someone to trust you.
Ask many questions: » Read more

Business Personal Coach Find your Light

From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.
-Ralph Waldo Ralph Waldo

Ralph was a cool dude.  Do you buy his idea? I believe we are light. Pure energy. Some of us burn just a little purer is all. When we are really shining people notice.  Think about all the times you felt all eyes on you. Do you want to replicate it?

Have you ever been hypnotized by another human being?  You couldn’t take your eyes off of them. What is the shine coming from?  » Read more

Business Management Coaching Changing Company Culture

Crushed multiple silos of a highly functioning national company in 10 months! Yeah, that’s right! A very bold statement for changing a culture and I was a part of it. Silo

I’ve read and have experienced first-hand that changing an organizations’ culture takes anywhere from 3 to 7 years. Depends on the resources available, size of company, and most importantly the willingness of the Leaders courage and vision to C-h-a-n-g-e. Changing a culture has been described in hundreds of books and articles by the leading marketing resources and institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Covey, etc. » Read more

Professional Business Coach Defining Emotions

All of these books.  All of these studies.  All of these theories.  And last but not least all of these experiences are available for you, to read. Granted they are not all about “Must feel an emotion before you can change” but the theme is there. My interpretation Emotions are the gateway to transformation, or evolving yourself. The most successful advertisements present emotions or an emotional connection to get clients to change to their product.

I coach brilliant people all the time.  I am inside wildly successful businesses every day.  Emotions are present and yet it is often times treated like the elephant in the room. It’s hard to move around when you are ignoring the problem.Jerry Haack Elephant » Read more

Business Leadership Coaching Choices

Powerless or Energized? You have a choice.  When coaching a business I find many associates not realizing that they have a choice. I have not worked for one company yet that held a gun to the associates head and MADE them work. Not one!JH ENErgizer

And yet, as a leader of your company you experience it every day. People whining about the way things are…In my world you have an employee that has “Quit, and Stayed”. » Read more

Business Attitudes-Live the Moment!

You can’t find it in a book.  I know there are hundreds out there for you to pick, research, read, or buy for your collection…But you won’t find “it”. The search for the “way” does not exist…Not even in these words I am writing. Oh sure, guidance, and other people experiences will give you some insights, or even an occasional “aha” moment. But the truth?  Nope. al-inspiring-quote-on-success-6

That can only be felt.  That has to be your experience and no other. Trust me on this one. I have clients that are brilliant.  Really over the top, high IQ, many degrees, friggin BRIGHT! Yet, they have gaps.  Just can’t connect the dots.  Still a little out of balance, a little off center so to speak. Just like the rest of us…

You see it isn’t about how smart you are. It is about living authentically, congruently, and feeling everything as it happens. It’s about living in the moment and being present to all that is occurring. I fondly refer to it as being awake.

I’m a Marianne Williamson fan.  Mainly because of this writing…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

  » Read more

Business Coaching Tools-Clearing the Mind

Just look at this photo.  This is the west coast of Florida on a January evening.  As I’m sitting on this beach the gentle breeze hits my face as  I watch this magnificent sunset and waves topple in.  All while smelling the salt air…feeling the cool quartz white sand on my bare feet…listening to seagulls and children’s laughter.  Florida
Life here is simply divine.  I am captivated by the moment of bliss as the sun plummets on to the ocean with a pewf!  Nothing is on my mind here…in this space.  Nothing can disturb this peace I am feeling resonate in my heart.
I will carry this perspective back with me to work…in my day to day march.  And I will remember to share it with everyone I meet.  They will see it in my eyes…In my essense.  Especially with my clients when they are struggling.   I will share “this perspective”.  Because changing your perspective is this easy.
 Coming from a place of abundance and not scarcity is all about focusing on what you want to have happen.  And not on what you don’t want to have happen.
A fulfilled life is about having a purpose.  A purpose filled with joy and peace and completion.

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Success Training Systems

It is really quite simple! You want more on the bottom line do more workshops, and get professional coaching on the key players. Last year was the year of workshops for my company.  I was facilitating groups from all over the country ranging from 5 to 19 people. The results have been quite profound. The main goal?  To create Teamwork. Yes I said it, Teamwork…

And the definition… team·work ˈtēmˌwərk/

noun teamwork; noun: team work

  • the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

It is so over used, argh. But, it’s what most people can conceptualize.  Or have some kind of positive sense of. How would you define it?

My workshops are conducted in a circle. That way people can look each other in the eye, and not hide behind a table or computer. We like to build trust first and foremost. In order to do that we must get our participants to get out of their heads (ego) and into their hearts. Getting in the heart creates vulnerability and openness.

We are working with one of the United States top 10 companies. 3 workshops in 9 months.  Each workshop usually begins at 1p on Day 1, all day the next, and ending at noon on Day 3.

Plenty of breaks, informative, power point, feedback based, emotional intelligent filled, and experiential.

Real synergy begins when a few of the key leaders are coached up by a certified coach.

So there you have it. You want to increase your bottom line.  Run offsite workshops. Develop your people!

IF you want to know more contact me.

I’ll provide a testimonial oJerry 8871finalr two for you to see for  yourself.


Jerry Haack


It’s all marketing-

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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation
And go to the grave with the song still in them

-Henry David Thoreau

Business Success Training -Size Matters

“You take the big accounts, I’ll take the small ones!” “You mean you want me to handle the accounts that potentially are bigger dollar sales?” “Yes, I want you to take those accounts!” “So does this mean you are not capable of handling the big ones?” “Um, no, ahh, I just don’t want to make a mistake.”quotes-Zig-Ziglar-life

Sound familiar?  I hope not.  But if it does I have this question for you. Why do we have people like that on the sales team? When coaching for businesses I find this scenario all the time and every single time I am in awe of it.

Are you being held hostage? Or do you just need a body and will put up with lack luster results? It’s interesting.  Some sellers step into the role of giant slayer while others cower in the background.

There is also a perception that the smaller spending dollar accounts are any less important than the bigger spending accounts.  Shouldn’t they be treated with the same respect and quality? Big accounts are just as important as small accounts. » Read more

Companies Coaching Vision!

Are you creating what you want or creating what you do not want to have happen? It still amazes me how many companies I coach are putting systems in place to prevent what they do not want to have happen. That is backwards!Jerry Haack Moon

Putting systems in place to create what you want takes vision.  It is “Why” you exist! So you have to articulate that vision’s end result. Do you want your clientele to tell every single person they know what their experience was like working with you? Pretty bold isn’t it? Then you will have to find a way to say it.  Think of the “end” in mind.

For example “When you climb into your very own OMG Mattress your eyes will roll to the back of your head as you sigh the biggest breath of relief you have ever experienced, until the next night of course, when it happens all over again.” I’ve never slept in a bed like that, not even sure it exists, but I want one.  Would pay big bucks to get it!  I can envision the why” I want it.  The company producing it is very clear what they want to create, right?  Everyone involved in this company would know what to focus on, what they wanted to create. » Read more

Business Success Training -Why?

1963, a hot August day, no social media, multi- television  networks, or instant messaging available to promote an event and yet, 250,000 people set out on a peaceful march on Washington DC. A march that was highly discouraged by the present government, a march that made history and changed the world.JH Dr King

Why did that happen? How could that have been? What was it? Those are the questions we need to ask today. Why,how,what, in that order.

When coaching business’s I ask “Why” they do what they do.  Then “How” they do what they do.  And lastly, “What” they do what they do.If the culture of your company does not know the “Why” they will under-perform. The “Why” is the vision moving forward.

Does your company have an inspiring vision that trumps the day to day “What” drama? Check out Simon Sinek’s U-tube TED talk on his book “Start with Why” for a better explanation. I love how he ties it all together and helps us see how backwards we are. » Read more

Business Coaching Giving

Are you the light? I was in downtown San Francisco a few weeks back at a Renewable Fuels conference with a client of mine. Since I was coming from the Central Time Zone I awoke wide awake at 4am about 530a I ventured out in the streets looking for coffee.

It was a beautifully eerie morn.  A touch of storm in the air.  Breezy, a little bit misty, but yet a warm 58 degrees. Warm compared to my home Minneapolis.

I was somewhat disturbed by the bodies sleeping on the street.  Some covered in Jerry Haack Homelessnewspapers, others with some raingear, and still others with nothing but the jacket on their back. I never felt threatened, just uneasy.  All I could think of was the “have” and “have-nots” and I was definitely in the “have” arena.

Who are these people? What is their story? Where did they come from? Who were their parents, siblings? Why are they here? Why do we allow this kind of poverty in the richest country in the world? Do they have children? Where are they? My thoughts were on high alert.  The incongruence was maddening.

The Marriot, Starbucks, holiday lights, the season to be Merry…and the homeless side by side.  Dang it! As I stood outside on the street holding my $5 coffee I scanned down at a row of a half dozen men sleeping. I consciously “chose” to walk by them all. Once I had passed all of them a feeling of deep gratitude came over me. I pulled out my wad of cash and walked on back past them. » Read more

Business Coaching Change!

Everything changes, nothing stays the same! What is morphing before your very eyes? Last year, Minneapolis endured a top 10 Worse Winter Weather on record. The snow and cold were unbearable and this year is stacking up to be right there with record lows and loads of snow. Yet, we managed to live through it.

One of my favorite motivational speakers Jim Rohn made this statement famous “Handle the Winters” talking about the seasons of life! The ups and downs and the struggle of the winter season and it is usually a struggle. Jerry Haack Change

A good example of “What doesn’t kill you will makes you stronger” is winter. In the fall when the temperature is slowly dipping below 40 degrees in the Twin Cities, 40 degrees is freezing. In the spring it’s short sleeve weather.

“What doesn’t kill you will makes you stronger” And much more appreciative. However, the latter will not apply if you are asleep. When coaching for businesses I find some associates, and owners, are not awake. Consequently they are not present. » Read more

Coaching Life in Business

2 years from today you are dead.  No longer here…gone. All that is left, for the people that loved you, are memories. What will those memories be?

I’ve just given you a new perspective to contemplate.  It is an interesting question.  A fair question especially if you want to live a “purpose-filled” life. Think about it.  Really think.  It definitely puts a new “spin” on things.

How different would you be leading your life?J haack Memories

  • Is work worry wearing you down?
  • Money issues?
  • Worried about test scores?
  • Kids got you down
  • Your weight…or saggy skin?

Are any of those worries the lasting image you want people to think of when you’re gone? The last thing they remember you by? Of course not!!

You want them to remember you as the vibrant loving human being that you are. Full of fun, compassion, optimism, vigor, and passion. The very best version of you is what you would want them to remember. Anything short of that would be a disappointment.

Life is fragile and it works in mysterious ways. Leave a legacy that lasts and live each day to its fullest.  So, why not live your life as if you knew your death date!

Stay present, live now, enjoy every minute, as if it were the very last day of your life.

It’s your choice.

Business Personal Coach-The Layers of Life

Your life is like an onion. If you are brave enough to peel back the layers, you can get to your purpose in life. Beware… Peeling the onion produces tears too.

I’ve been peeling back the layers in my life for many years now. The awareness’s I have receiveoniond along the way were, and still are, very rewarding. I get really crystal clear glimpses of my purpose. Sometimes I still get in a bit of a rut, and feel stuck. Other times I forge on, and I have made colossal mistakes.  As long as I am breathing, I will make more and still, during all of this “living”, I have managed to stay grateful enough to remain present to all the gifts that I have received.

Peeling the onion is a process that takes time, and patience. Years/decades will pass along the way. When coaching for business’s I am constantly reminding my clients to have patience. Everything is changing, all the time. Nothing stays the same…especially us. So just wait if you don’t like what’s happening, because it will change.  » Read more

Business Personal Coach Time to Reflect

As I prepare for the final days of this year, I reflect on what was. Jerry Haack Reflection

Victories, hardships, weddings, divorces, funerals, births, and more victories…

I am grateful for my coaching alliances and clients.  For the way you have shown up this past year. For your courage and tenacity to keep on keeping on. For your focus on the future self you want to create. And for your willingness to look at your imperfections. It is truly inspiring!!!

My life is full because you are in it, thank you for being in my life and for daring to be great! Blessings to you and your families.

Every year I try and go off line to reboot. Now thru the 6th is that time! If you have an emergency please feel free to email me and I will get back to you. It just won’t be as prompt as normal because of limited access to email, and no phone.

I recommend all of you try this sometime. It’s good for the balance, good for the focus, good for the heart…And I will see you all again on the other side.

Refreshed, happy, full, and energized.

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