Business Success Training Mining for Conflict

Real conflict in the workplace is intense.  For example -“Hey, you screwed me over by making that decision! Or how about, “I doubt this company truly wants to grow based on that decision.”

I recently have been employed by a really large company.  Have had the pleasure of coaching this business through TEAM Building workshops for the past 18 months.  It has been a profound experience for the most part in the fact that they were vulnerable with one another and really optimistic with the idea that they could be open and honest with one another moving forward.Jerry Haack Conflict

We’ve done lots of different exercises, including circling up and giving “live” 360 feedbacks with one another.  Each person has an opportunity to sit in front of the rest of the TEAM in a circle.  Their associates took turns giving the person in front feedback like… “Suzy what I want to see more of is insert really positive feedback here.  And what I would like to see less of insert something they need to work on here.”  For which the recipient would just say…Thank you. This exercise demonstrated incredible vulnerability.  And tightened the TEAM instantly. » Read more

Business Leadership Coaching Evoking Change

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Evoking C-H-A-N-G-E dialogue takes guts and conviction. Yes, guts and conviction…A really strong belief or opinion in a cause or plan. What does it take?  Love…Mission…Vision! Do you love someone enough, or believe in the mission enough, or the vision of the company enough to have that conversation? The conversation that is going to evoke change in the relationship, in the individual, or TEAM.

People with those skills, get the big jobs. Are you one of them? Or do you aspire to be one? I have a client, a long time really good client that is also a good friend we’ve been through a lot together as client and coach. So much so that I could comfortably coast along and continue the status quo.  After all, he’s happy with his results. But I believe the status quo can be a trap.  Oh sure there are advantages with staying still, like avoiding some risk, whether it be monetary, physical, or even spiritual beliefs.  All creating possible negative outcomes.  » Read more

Leadership Development Coaching -Listening!

I used to think of myself as a soldier holding his own against impossible odds, Badly outnumbered, and caught in a crossfire of devils and gods. Dan Fogelberg

All I ever wanted to be was free, all I ever wanted to see was within my eyes to see. Oh, but these days, are just like you and me. Dan Fogelberg…These Days

I listened to this 1975 classic this morn and thought how much it resonated with my life-Back then, and now.

When coaching for businesses I find members of the TEAM that feel a sense of being outnumbered and caught in the crossfire.  And holding their own against impossible odds. That’s how it feels for them!  Get that in your head…know that fact. When the associate is NOT trusting the management, they do not believe they are being heard. » Read more

Success Training Systems Social Media

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  1. Increase brand awareness
    social-media-iconsOne of the main benefits of social media marketing is the easiest to recognize: Social media is an excellent way to introduce people to a brand. Despite the Field of Dreams notion some business owners have that “if you build it, they will come,” if people are unaware of a business or a website’s existence, they can’t shop there (Kevin Costner was dealing with ghosts, who have a lot of free time to meander around cornfields). Because social networks are used by more than two-thirds of the country, and given the way content spreads virally to others, social media is the perfect channel to promote a brand to potential customers. Relevanza reported that 78 percent of small businesses attract new customers through social media.

Research shows just how valuable this brand awareness can be. According to Adroit Digital, 75 percent of online Americans said product information found on social media influences their shopping behavior and enhances brand loyalty. They also report that social media is the second most likely way U.S. Millennials will learn about a new product (26 percent of respondents), just 3 percentage points behind TV advertising (29 percent). In the future, social media may be even more important than TV ads for introducing new products to consumers. Similarly, research from eMarketer has shown that 33 percent of consumers cite social networks as the way they discover new brands, products, and services.

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Business Leadership Coaching thru Disagreement

Arguments, positioning of power, underhanded manipulations, political posturing, and backroom collaborating. When coaching for businesses I see this. Of those which do you prefer to work with? I like the arguments.  At least you can see those coming. The others are more stealth, and out of the peripheral. Here is a simple way to deal with disagreements…

1)      Identify the disagreementJerry Haack

2)      Disagree

3)      Understand both ways

4)      Conversation for alignment

5)      Align

6)      Agree to disagree

Sometimes it is that easy.  Just need to get it out in the open and make sure that each party hears the others side. » Read more

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