Professional Business Coaching Events

What is in an event that will leave people screaming for more? Have you ever been at a workshop that made you feel you were a part of it? Actually engaged so much that you were in it? My workshops have had that effect. I want people to feel the impact that is so compelling that they tell every person they meet about it.

When planning an event you will need to have some key ingredients…

1)      Context or Stake for which informs the design

2)      Shape of a Dramatic Arc

-Create the container

-Disorienting event

-Learning Experience around the Arc



3)      Set the context, experience

4)      Debrief

Having this as a guideline will tap into the emotion of your audience. Tap into the emotion of your audience and you will impact their experience. I live my life so “full of emotion” that it exudes out my pores. Do you feel that way about your life?

Business Leadership Coaching Vision

Getting what you want in life is a challenge.  I’m not talking about a new house, car, vacation, or things.  I’m talking about what is going to fill you up. To truly know what you want means you have to truly know yourself.  Do you know that part of your “self”?  Knowing yourself more deeply is the first step into moving more powerfully into what you want. 

When coaching for businesses I have found it usually comes down to a vision.  Or understanding the impact you want to make.  It can actually translate into leaving a legacy.  Leaving a legacy is about living the values that make up your mission or purpose.

What is your life purpose? Most of us realize we have an all knowing voice inside…the voice of the Leader. And that the all-knowing voice gets “trumped” by the ego…or saboteur voices that have grown up with us.

I invite you to write out the following as an exercise to “practice” this vision of leaving a legacy… » Read more

Business Management Coaching Company Messages

Blogging what you see or what you know is a self-expression of who you are. The blog will get a lot of “reads” if it is “relevant” to the reader. The more relevancy you have with your blog idea (or expression of self) the more traction your website will have moving was a test ground for such activity. This site is not a fancy brochure like other sites are, but an information stop for people interested in these three words…Coaching for businesses.

I was told that if I wrote 2 blogs a week (and they were relevant to my reader) that after 40 weeks or so I would have more visitors per day on this new site, than the last 7 years combined on my other site “It’s all Marketing”. » Read more

Business Coaching Tools Consulting Versus Selling

Recently I have had numerous examples of my clients struggling with sales projections and strategic approaches to the selling process.  It’s interesting to me how these problems seem to ebb and flow at the same time.

I had a company hire me in Colorado for a day long workshop on sales.  Their business was very good, but they knew they had been reacting to the market for about 8 years.  A bullish market that was rich with opportunities and profits, and what appeared to be an endless supply of wealth. So they wanted a refresher course on sales as a safety net in case the market went bear. » Read more

Business Coaching Tools for Dramatic Events

The man died 3 times! And was resuscitated 3 times due to a series of heart attacks!  To hear his story is amazing.

We have all heard stories like Tom.  In my case, I met him 3 years ago through a referral.  Consequently did a workshop for him on TEAM building.  Afterwards he liked me so much he hired me to “coach” him with his Leadership.  We’ve been together ever since.

Things were cruising along just fine.  He was discovering how we all have Saboteur voices in our heads.  You know the voices…the ones that tell you to work harder, you aren’t enough, or judge your every move.  He was learning to push them aside and be more conscious of them.  So he could make more room for his Captain, the Positive voice that helps navigate him through life.  He found himself not reacting to situations like he had in the past and was able to take his leadership to a whole new level.  He was even noticing how it was transferring to his home life, giving him more balance and fulfillment. » Read more

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