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Getting what you want can have lots of twists and turns. Do you have a vision, roadmap, or plan to get what you want…and more importantly, are you willing to follow?

A good place to start is knowing what is important, or valuable to you. What do you value? Not material stuff….Values are what is most important in our life— What gives life meaning and relevance.

CTI describes values as:“Values create your inner framework of how you make choices and can be your deepest motivators. Honoring your values brings richness and fulfillment to your life. Knowing what your values are will assist you in finding direction, purpose, and intention.”

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Success Training Systems for a Digital World!

I’m hoping your day is as pleasant as mine, because I am sitting here in absolute joy and gratitude. Mostly because of the wonderful life bestowed upon me and also because of a brief “business” glimpse into some simple, but interesting internet discoveries.

As you know I have been in the marketing and sales game for almost 40 years now. Four-Tee, Four Zero, 40, yikes. With that big number comes a lot of wisdom.  Both by trial and error, and truth by default. But this internet stuff…well…it was irritating me.

Earlier this year I was fed up with not “knowing” about tweeting, face book marketing, and how to use linked in efficiently. So I employed a couple of men to help me with this whole social marketing blur that exists with all of my clients. I wanted to do it for my business, so I could see and know, first-hand what it was like.

I hired Nick and Steve (Names and phone numbers available upon request) and they set me up. Steve was adamant about it being separate from my current incorporated name it’s all marketing. A new name and site address.  And was steadfast on his belief that the site DID NOT look like a brochure.

He also wanted just a portion of my business model, the coaching and workshops, and left out the marketing.  I made up a new name Primal Leadership, (From a book I liked) and fired it up.  We didn’t even market it as Primal Leadership!  But as Breaking most all of the rules…interesting isn’t it? That was less than 6 months ago.

Since then I have received 10 times more traffic per day than I did all of last year combined on my other site…Per day!

Now I am receiving favorable retweets, comments from linked in, and some new job requests from as far as 1000 miles away.  I also get comments from folks in over a dozen different countries. Why? In simple layman words…the blogging.

My guys have me zeroed in on a few key words and search terms that appear in most of my short story blogs each week. These are terms and words people search when they look for a Business Coach. Google, Yahoo and Bing the three big search engines recognize I am optimizing my sight to use terms people search for and that I’m driving traffic back thru use of social media  .  Which in turn gets me up on the front page, or close to it.

There you have it ladies and gentleman. Easy steps for you to follow at no charge. Better yet contact me at and I will get you in touch with my internet folks. They will get you on the right track when it comes to people viewing what you put on the web.

I am feeling very appreciative today for all of the nice referrals.  The way all businesses should work, right? Again, a heartfelt thank you. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life and you in mine.

Business Personal Coach: Trusting the Unknown

Recently we took an Alaskan trek to see our son get married on the 4th of July.  Ironic isn’t it?  Getting married on Independence Day. Anyways, they chose it. They also chose their wedding to be outside, at a park 20 miles out in the wilderness, officiated by our good friend Bob from Iowa. My girls are going, meeting my sis and nephew, lots of local friends and her relatives, all of us staying in cabins with limited electricity, water, and sleeping arrangements. Not your normal accommodations…but a real adventure. As only Anthony David could envision and make happen. It was grand and pulled off without a hitch!

Think about the faith my son and his bride had to take in trusting the unknown in this adventure. From depending on the weather to putting a bunch of city slickers up in cabins the way our fore-fathers used to have to live. It was quite a risk with potential huge rewards and a lot of trust in Mother Nature who isn’t so friendly sometimes in the untamed Alaskan Mountains. The risk really isn’t any different than business and the challenge people face every day chasing their visions.

I am glad to report that the wedding went down without any snow storms, wildlife shootings or plane problems. Everyone is home safe and sound wishing a little piece of them was still back in Alaska.

My son is the one that once described me as an altruistic man in a poem that he wrote. A selfless man that pushes him to live his values, not mine. I guess I was always very conscious of trying to keep him out of my shadow and consequently, I succeeded.  He’s made his own way. So today I am feeling it all, the full circle of life.  Very reflective. My career as a Father to him is on to the next chapter.

No longer do I have to concentrate so diligently on modeling how to live life on life’s terms. You know the drill, never taking my eye off the ball, putting one foot in front of the other, all while forging on with a smile on my face. He’s doing it on his own now.  Modeling his own way.

And I must admit, with a little more grace than me. So today I thank my Creator for all I have, and for living my values right out in front of me. Not always perfect, but the best that I could do.

Those values have made my quest as a human being possible, a purpose filled life. I wish all of you the peace and joy that comes with living a purpose filled life. And thank you for letting me be in your world.

Business Coaching Growth after Record Years!

I was working with one of America’s top 10 companies a few weeks back. It was a day and a half workshop on TEAM Building. I am always impressed with companies that consciously “choose” to NOT remain in the status quo. Even though this company was coming off a record year…they were not settling! I love that.  It takes courage.

The work we did during the day and a half was on creating more intimacy with the Leader Team. This team trusts one another enough to be wildly successful…And yet, the Leader knew they were demonstrating lapses of trust and healthy conflict.

Accountability, conflict resolutions, and calling out examples of distrust were on the agenda…We did that in discussions and experiential ways.

I love starting the meeting by “circling them up”, with no tables. This method is a powerful way to get the group open and vulnerable from the start. Open and vulnerable is how you can get a TEAM to move through the processes of looking at their own short comings.

Real synergy will occur when you can eliminate artificial harmony and have real heart to heart conversation. Anything is possible when you create this type of solid behavior. But the Leader must go first. When the Leader shows vulnerability and has the courage to show it, the rest of the TEAM will do the same.

Ready for this kind of experience?

Business Professional Training-The Sales Process

When coaching a business I am always fascinated at their selling processes. My selling process has been developing for close to 40 years now. Wow, just saying that makes me feel really experienced and wise, and old. Over the past 40 years everything I know has changed. And as the old expression goes, the more it changes the more it stays the same.

Selling is, for lack of better description, like walking and talking for me. It is in my DNA, my core, and I don’t have a choice in it…it is very natural, authentically me. I had one long term client describe me to another client this way…“Jerry actually believes the b.s. he talks about.”

For others it is more difficult. Personality types play a big part in it. But I have found sellers that do not fit the A-Type mode can be very successful if given an opportunity.

The path that usually works for the non-seller type is the consultative sale.

A simple systematic process that involves 3 basic steps:

1)      Interview the client with a series of questions

2)      Get a clear and concise description of their needs and wants (goals)

3)      Write a plan that is designed to fit those needs and wants

Makes absolute logical sense to do business this way.

The resistance comes from having the knack (sales conviction) to get them to sit down long enough to be interviewed.

How would you do it?

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