Business Success Training- Start with WHY

Oh my gosh “Start with WHY!!!”! I told you I was on a book reading spree.  The latest was by Simon Sinek called “Start with WHY.  It is so good. I know I say that about ALL of the books I report, but it’s true because I don’t tell you about the books that aren’t so great. Jerry Haack SimonSinek_read

Here is the gist of this book, the goal is for you to find your Golden Circle…

·       Why

·       How

·       What

Most people start with what, but that is backwards.  If you know “Why” you do what you do, then the inspiration and vision of it will carry you thru many things.  Hard times and good. Naturally if you know “why” you do what you do, then it is easier to articulate “How” you do what you do.  Then comes the “What” you do. Imagine an employee of yours telling someone outside of your organization “Why” they do what they do.  Now imagine the employee that tells someone “What” they do for you.  Passion would be present with the first.  Because they have bought in. 

This book gives wonderful examples of great Leaders in history that told us “Why” and consequently had a following.  It also goes on to tell why many familiar companies, including Sam Walton’s Walmart was great, and his predecessors…not so much.

Buy the book!  IF not for the simple reason to know how to answer someone if they ask the question “Why should we hire you?” I love this! » Read more

Business Coaching Tools Handling Emotions

Emotions preventing growth in your business? Better learn to deal with them.  You can’t ignore them, wish them away, or force your will over them.

The days of “It’s my way or the highway” are gone and dead.  You have to deal with the emotions that are present in the workplace or you will have those very emotions running the culture of your company.  I can’t get over how much denial there is out there in the workplace that surround these.

No need to run from them.  Emotions are a good thing!

Can you name them?Jerry Haack Emotions

·       Mad

·       Sad

·       Glad

·       Fear

·       Shame (The one lots of folks don’t like to talk about) » Read more

Business Personal Coach Professional Parties

Holiday parties are around the corner. So I thought I would muster up some don’ts for you to follow.

Rule Number One: Don’t get drunk. party_crop380w

Recovery Plan: If you broke this rule already, ask your friends exactly how bad the damage is and hope there is no video. Remember that with video, what was once considered a memory, is now evidence.

Rule Number Two: Don’t dance with your boss’s spouse. If you ignored rule number one, this is especially true.

Recovery Plan: Once again, check for videos. If there are videos and your behavior was inappropriate, say prayers for a benevolent boss. In any case, get your resume together.

Rule Number Three: No matter how beautifully you sing Love Shack or the hits of the Black Eyed Peas in the shower, it won’t be the same if YOU get up on stage with the band. Don’t join the band. » Read more

Success Training Systems Holiday Recipe’s

Hey, hey, hey, company parties are around the corner. Some dread them, others wait all year for them. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Rosh Hashanah…

Lots of things are associated with these gatherings…the main one for me? Food.

Here’s a couple of favorite recipes for you to share with your associates, friends and relatives…


·       1 ½ cup of sugar

·       ½ cup of soft butter

·       2 eggsbbread

·       2 cups flour

·       1 teaspoon baking soda

·       5 tablespoons sour milk (milk with 1 tablespoon of vinegar)

·       4 very ripe bananas

·       ¼ teaspoon salt

·       MIX all ingredients and pour into greased and floured bread pan

·       Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour » Read more

Business Success Training Depends on Feedback

 “Are you ready for some football?????”  Yeah, it’s football season, and I have Hank Jr on my mind but when Coaching for Business’s the song has to be…

         “Are you ready for some Feedback????” ???????????????????????????????????????

One of the biggest gifts (or curse, depends on the day) that I possess is helping my clients see how they “show up”. I have a long list of satisfied clientele that will attest to my abilities on this subject. My techniques are geared towards slowing down my client, and getting them in the “now”.

All while helping them understand their emotions. From this deeper place of understanding themselves they can then move more powerfully towards what it is they want. At some juncture I have them fill out a 360 feedback so they can get another perspective on how they are showing up. I love and use Brene Brown’s feedback checklist in her book Daring Greatly.

(This is definitely worth printing off and sharing with your TEAMS.)

         Feedback Checklist » Read more

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