Jerry’s Writings

Brain Games in Business – Think Differently!

The brain plays such a big part in why we do what we do.  Unfortunately, we are not always awake to what the brain is doing. Coaching helps you be aware of the things you resist, or cannot "be with".  And as you know, what we cannot "be with", runs our life. The...

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What Are You Feeding Your World?

Each of us co-creates our world with our thoughts, our actions, our dreams and visions. As we focus our energy and conscious thought to what we want to create (Passion), rather than what we don't want, or what we want to move away from (Anxiety), our vision expands...

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Resolutions For Life

As the 2014 approaches, so do the usual round of resolutions. You'll probably have some similar goals as last year. Let me ask how are your 2013 new year's resolutions working out for you? Anything change in your life? Often resolutions are created from our "should...

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