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Primal Leadership Business Coaching will transform you into the Leader you want to be, and your team into the Leaders you want them to be.


Business Coaching with Jerry Haack

Workshops customized to fit your needs.

Primal Leadership Workshops

Workshops customized to fit your needs. From four hours onsite to two and a half days offsite.  Primal Leadership Business Coaching will get you the results you need in team building, visioning and conflict resolutions.

Jerry Haack CPCC is an executive life coach and leadership trainer.

Primal Leadership Coaching

Jerry Haack CPCC is an executive life coach and leadership trainer. He will wake you up to a whole new way of “being” so you can move more powerfully toward what you want.

How You Self Sabotage

We all have voices in our head telling us what to do. These voices, or saboteurs, can keep us from creating what we truly want.

Shirzad Chamine offers a free assessment to examine your top saboteurs and how you self sabotage.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your results.

In the meantime, I recommend reading Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine. I am one of his biggest fans.

From Jerry Haack’s Primal Leadership Blog


I think there’s a misconception that leaders are extroverts. Leaders come in many forms and it’s imperative we know and accept that they may have different practices than our own. I highly recommend the book, Quiet by Susan Cain, it brilliantly describes introverts.

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Seeing what you want, before it's a reality, comes from a deep seeded vision or passion that bubbles inside of you.   ...Your True North. My son Anthony David, (known as Tony to most), recently followed his.  Check out the work he's created with his company using...

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BE Above it All

I spent 10 days in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a workshop.  A very intensive course dealing with the art and science of human transformation. Via the brain… Neuroscience!   The workshop was attended by other coaches from around the world and led by Ursula Pottinga and Ann...

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